Year-end Giving Information

1. If you are mailing your gift, it must be postmarked by December 31, 2018, and the check dated in 2018. This year’s year end giving will go toward carpet replacement.
2. If you are giving cash or check in the offering, we can receive it in the offering on December 30, 2018. The check must be dated in 2018 to receive 2018 credit. Please be sure to clearly mark your giving envelope with the year so your gift is properly credited.
3. You get the biggest tax break by giving to the Bethel College Scholarship Fund. A $400 gift gets you $200 directly off your Indiana State tax or a $200 gift gets you $100 off. Get details in the literature rack. Make your check payable to Bethel College and put it in FMC’s offering by December 23, 2018.
4. As a walk of faith, many families pray to give more each year than they did the previous year. If you want to know your giving for last year, or any year, give a note to Michelle, Fairview’s Financial Secretary. NOTE – we only keep records of giving for those who have giving numbers. To request a giving number, please drop a note in the offering or ask at the Connection Center.
If you use the online giving option, the system automatically keeps track of your giving, with or without a giving number. You can access your giving records yourself at any time.  Online giving can be accessed by clicking here, by scanning the QR code in the foyer or in the backs of the pews (on the I give online card), or by texting “Give” to (260) 222-7373.
5. There is a brochure in the literature rack entitled “Special Gifts and Memorials”. It has many gift suggestions in it from a few hundred dollars to $10,000,000 for your prayerful consideration. There are mission organizations and local ministries we support that can use help. Feel free to contact Pastor Joel as well.
6. If you are considering non-cash giving, such as stocks, bonds, real property, the church office should be made aware of your intentions ASAP to make sure all proper paperwork is finished before the end of the year.
7. At this time of year many people make decisions to move their God-given financial resources more directly into Kingdom-impact work. The Missionary Church has two organizations to help you do this:
The Missionary Church Investment Foundation is our denominational foundation with offices in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Contact them at 260-747-2027.
Also, United Missionary Loans and Investments, our district loan and investment organization with offices in Elkhart, Indiana. Contact them at 574-293-1332 or Both organizations are chartered under the federal government and have been in existence since the 1950’s. They use our investments to loan funds only to Missionary Churches and related Missionary Church organizations that need funds to expand their ministry facilities.

Thank you for your very generous giving.