When Love Speaks – April 2012

I want to tell you what an impact last week’s sermon had on me.  I had been struggling with sin in my life.  Not the “oops, I did that bad habit again” kind of sin, but the kind where I knew it was sin and did it anyway.  Here’s the crazy part, it’s the exact same sin that has led me away from the Lord in the past and I’ve fallen into the trap AGAIN.  Last week I was feeling a great distance from the Lord.  This sin caused me to move away from Him.  I had other things going on last week as well that were causing a great deal of emotional stress.  I almost didn’t come to church Sunday.  It never fails, when I feel myself being tugged away from church and I go anyway, the Lord reaches out to me in a way that I may have missed entirely had I not gone.  I was so touched by the singing and especially the sermon last Sunday.  I left church feeling cleansed and renewed.