Wednesday Men’s Group

Fellowship / Relevant Teaching
Purpose:  To help men grow in their faith, with the focus on being a disciple who makes disciples.  A disciple is a student who desires to grow spiritually, and who intentionally invests in others.
What can you expect?  Encouragement, fellowship, friends, spiritual growth, and purpose
Agenda:  Men will meet together as a big group, then break into groups of 4-5.  Each group will have an intentional leader who will lead discussions about Scripture and how men can apply it to their life.  Men will learn how to take a topic and evaluate it through the lens of Scripture.
Goal:  Men will develop close friends, grow spiritually, take their next step toward Jesus, and be equipped to live out the Great Commission.
Class:  Room S105  Led by Pastor Jake. For men of all ages. A study of the book Where was God when that happened? by Christopher Ash.