The Witness – Changed Lives

Letter 1

I would like to take a moment to share my thoughts on “The Witness” production at the Easter Service.

First of all, the performance was outstanding. I heard more than one person say it appeared as if professional actors were brought in to perform. The vocalists were wonderful and the harmonies were simply beautiful. When you realize that these were not professional actors, but Fairview people from different walks of life, the performance was even more powerful.

I have to tell you that I am, generally speaking, pretty even tempered and not overly emotional. However, I was moved to tears on two separate occasions during the performance. One was during the crucifixion scene. The sounds, the lighting, and the acting made that scene very real and portrayed the suffering that Christ went through on the cross in a realistic and heart-wrenching way.

The other part of the program that was so touching to me was at the end when soldiers and people from all walks of life and eras in time walked into the sanctuary and up to the throne. I have to tell you, when I saw the New York City fireman helping the victim of the 9/11 attack up to the throne, I was completely overcome. That image in particular was so powerful that it brought all the feelings of that day back to my mind in such an overwhelming and fresh way that I literally sobbed as I watched. I didn’t realize, even after this much time has passed, that so many of the feelings I had on that day were still so close to the surface.

One could certainly feel the presence of God in the sanctuary and sense His special annointing on the performance. “Bravo” to the actors, but more importantly, all praise, glory, and honor to God and His Son for giving us such an awesome story to dramatize on Easter Sunday. Without the very real events of that day and the three that followed, we would all be lost!

– One who was greatly touched

Letter 2

All week long I have treasured in my heart the beautiful musical presentation that Fairview gave over the Easter season. I truly do not believe any Easter play has ever touched my life as much as this did. The closing of the program with people from all ages and walks of life, in addition to people from the time of Christ’s resurrection to the present, was a reminder that Christ is for all to accept through all time. Thank you for such a wonderful place to come and worship God.

– First time attender

Letter 3

By word-of-mouth the superb success of the very moving and affecting musical must have spread to those many more people from the community and outside the community who are thinking they are sorry that they missed coming to one of the four performances this Easter. Next year they will be poised to be among thethousands to come, to see, to hear; confident that whatever is presented will be emotionally and extraordinarily outstanding.

– Inviting everyone next year