The Lord’s Prayer Series – 2012

Your message yesterday brought back memories of how some Christians
that have authority can influence and change people. I knew of a
plant manager that had the task of taking a run down plant of 186
people from being in the red and putting them in the black. There
were some minor changes at first that got very positive results as
trust and respect were developed between employees and management.
Then he had the nerve to tell his 3 assistant plant managers and the
15 supervisors that no one is to use the Lord’s name in vane in the
manager’s presence. The plant manager told them that this was the
same as insulting his Father and he didn’t want to hear it. On
occasion someone would use the Lord’s name in vane and they would
quickly apologize. Long story short, because the Lord was involved in
this transition, the plant grew beyond anyone’s expectations.
Production rose nearly 25%, bonus checks rose 250%, overtime was
reduced by 70% and employee turnover was nearly eliminated. It is
obvious that when God is included in decisions and given the respect
He deserves, He will pour out His blessings beyond what anyone would
think. God had turned around a plant and a culture that was thought
to be hopeless. The manager was told going in to do what ever he
wanted, signaling no one else knew what to do about what appeared to
be a hopeless cause. God became involved, His name got the respect it
deserved and what followed prospered even nonbelievers, because He
loves them too.