The Hill Ministry 2007

I was so excited to find out about The Hill when it first started. As a single young adult there are not many ministries targeted toward my age group. I have met so many people that I would never have come in contact with otherwise. Fred and Sue and the rest of their family really have a huge heart for this ministry and it has deeply influenced my life forever. Not only do you get spiritually filled up, but you always are engaged in awesome fellowship. It is important for young adults to fellowship with their peers and you are able to do that at The Hill. People come and go but they will never be forgotten because they were a part of this ministry with me.

The drive seemed longer than usual and many different thoughts consumed her mind. There had already been so many changes in her life. She wasn’t sure if she was ready for this. What would it be like? Would she be accepted? Was this really where God was calling her? Feeling a bit overwhelmed by fear and anxiety, she asked God for peace and stepped through the door at The Hill. That was almost five months ago and since then The Hill has become an essential part of my life. When I walked through the door that night, I had no idea what to expect. I had recently walked away from an abusive marriage and didn’t hold a lot of confidence about anything. I was just trying to survive and find a place to heal. And never have I been so sure that I followed the directions God laid upon my heart. Now I realize I needed more than just a place to go. I needed Fred and Sue Morgan in my life. God knew what I needed and had I turned away from what had been laid upon my heart I would have never met the two people God is using to help change my life. Nor would I be building life long friendships that I cherish. The Hill means more to me than words can express. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in this ministry. I will be forever grateful…

I moved to Indiana to maintain changing my life for the better. I am a recovering drug addict who couldn’t manage to stay sober for long in the same place where I used drugs. When I got here I had goals to find a place to worship and a place to grow with God. I was raised 7th Day Adventist so I found a 7th Day church first. I loved the people I met there, but it was small and I felt I needed a different environment to connect. The only fear I had about big churches was the judgment or deceiving attitudes they may have. I went out on a limb after meeting a regular attender of Fairview – and tried it. My first service was one of the recovery series. I felt welcomed immediately and like that was a message that I belonged at Fairview. I did admit my feelings of wanting to get into a “youth group” or such to my friend, and she invited me to The Hill. The Hill is a place God made for me. The relationships I have gained at The Hill have changed my life more than I could have imagined. The desire to stay clean is not my biggest desire like it was when I moved here. My largest desire now is to keep my current environment, surrounded by people who know and love God and can help lead me and walk with me towards the Lord. The Hill is not just a community of young adults walking with the Lord. The Hill is a gift from God to anyone who desires or wants to inquire about a relationship with Him. It is a home to the lost and the found. I thank God for The Hill, and for the changes this place creates in me every time I’m here.

The Hill is not only my church, it is my family. It is my support, my home away from home, what I look forward to every Sunday. The Hill is a place where I can go and worship my amazing Father; a place where I can go and continue to grow with Him. A place I can go, and talk about Him openly without a care in the world. The people there – I can’t even describe how much they have impacted my life. They have left lasting impressions on my heart, friendships that I will always have. Even if I don’t talk to some of the people that go there ever again, they have made an impact on my life one way or another. They have been there for me in my weakest moments; they’ve sat there and prayed for me when I felt like giving up. They continue to make me laugh every week I see them. They have been there with me, growing with me in my walk with God. The Hill is a place that I hold very near and dear to my heart.