The Cross
The Cross Stained Glass Window




The Cross

While working in the crawl space around the big lighted cross on the front of the church, we found a paper posted there. It explains the colors in the glass around the cross, who the cross is dedicated to, and a dedication Prayer. The glass and this sheet were all done by our own Cora Vee Caswell.

The Colors

Gold, for the glories of Heaven, on a glimpse here and there.
Mauve, for mourning and sadness for our sin.
Crimson, the blood that Jesus shed to save us.
Blue, the sky into which He ascended and from which He will come.
Royal Blue, for he is King of Kings and Lord of Lords!
Hidden from view there is a bit of green glass from the old church.
The old church was the foundation of the new.
Most of those are now with the Savior they loved, but without them
and their labor of love, none of this present church would exist.


Dedicated to the saints of Fairview who have gone on before, the unseen foundation of this church, saints such as Mr. and Mrs. Welty, faithful in teaching–Adeline Welty, simple in mind but a voice of praise in song–Jack and Cleo Miller, with a friendly greeting for all–Bessie Hutchins, faithful in attendance–Mr. and Mrs. Rensch, prayer warriors–Lavern Demorest with hours of handy work. There were Bairds, Boolbys, Schaeffers, Foors, Klopfensteins, Mrs. Ewing, Mrs. Coleman, and so many more before them. There were saints who taught and cleaned and built and loved and above all prayed for their church. This window is a memorial to them.


Lord, may this window be a reminder of You to those who pass by. May burdens be lifted as people recognize the cross, and above all, may lost souls be drawn Home by this light. Amen.