Adult Sunday Small Groups
 Pick up your coffee or juice and donuts in the foyer. Pick up a friend, too.
Then come to class!

8:00 am – For those attending the 9:00 am worship service

Housewarmers  Teachers: Dave Cole and Paul Stepp.  Studying the book of David, using The Applause of God, a book by Tony Higley. Most of the class is age 60+.  S103/104

9:00 am  – For those attending the 10:30 am worship service 

Family Builders  Teachers:  Curt and Kerri Dowell, Chris Belpasso   
New Class Beginning This Sunday!:  Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. 
For the 30-50 age group.
Fireside room (lower level) 
New Testament Bible Study  Teachers:  Ed Teegardin and Steve Gibson. A verse-by-verse study of the book of Matthew. Thought-provoking questions from the leader and much discussion. The purpose is to become more Christ-like and people of prayer. All ages are welcome.  S101 (Library)
The Abundant Life  Teacher:  Faith Frey. Moses by Chuck Swindoll. Lots of discussion. All ages welcome.  S103/104 

Old Testament – Teacher:  Jonathan Brown. Mostly lecture from an Old Testament scholar.  For all ages.  S105

Twelve Step Study  Teacher:  Ron Frey. For those with hurts, habits, and hangups.  A good support group.  Open to all men and women.  
Small kitchen – off gym


10:30 am – For those attending the 9:00 am worship service

Growing Together  Teachers:  Eric Crots, Jeff Miller, and Joe Clark taking turns teaching 3 Sundays on, 6 Sundays off.  Various topics.  For all ages. S103/104

Homebuilders – Teachers:  Wil Iler and Gil Hanson.
Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven, a 22-week study by David Jeremiah. S105
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