2016 – Spiritual Eyes Restored

Here is what happened to me after the volunteer picnic.  It also reminded me how revive has changed my mode of operation and sensitivity.I walk out of the church and saw a gentleman sitting on the curb under the overhang at our church.  I had just come from a volunteer picnic and had food for my wife who was recovering from an eye procedure.  I proceeded to the truck as I normally do when a voice in my heart said “You should talk to him”.  I answered with “but my food will spoil if I talk too long”  I had a choice to make, would I drive home or would I obey the Holy Spirit’s prompting.  I placed my food in the truck and proceeded back to talk when a friend from church met me and ask if I would pray with him.  I said I would love to and then turned to the stranger and ask if there was anything I could pray with him about.  He said no but stood up and joined us as I prayed.  I took the (revive) wristband off my wrist and handed it to him and said “I’d like to give this to you so you can remember we prayed for you today.”  I then ask him if he would be interested in a Bible that matches the wristband.  He said yes.  I went back to my truck where I keep a bag with wristbands and Bibles and picked up a Bible to take to him.  I gave it to him and explained that the wristband has verses on it that match with the Bible and ask if he would mind if I explained it to him.  He said he would rather read it for himself so I made sure he understood how the verses and the Bible worked together and showed him the prayer on the back of the Bible.  He had told me earlier that he comes about every week to town so I ask if he would mind if I gave him my number which he said was fine.  I then ask if he would mind giving me his number which he did.  I called him yesterday to see how he was doing and to see if he had any questions.  Please pray that this gentlemen will read the Bible and that he will be responsive.

This probably wouldn’t have happened a few weeks ago but, through my involvement with Revive Steuben my spiritual eyesight to those around me has been restored.  I now notice people in a new way that I didn’t before.  My sensitivity to the voice of the Holy Spirit has been heightened.  Not that I would never talk to anyone because I do that all the time but, now my conversations can have a purpose.  My prayer is the eyesight and sensitivity will continue to improve in the days ahead.