June 2018

Father’s Day 2018: A Dad’s Job

Words In Worship

Love Your Neighbor (Week 3): The Least of These

May 2018

Love Your Neighbor (Week 2): Good Samaritan

Love Your Neighbor (Week 1): Good Samaritan

Thank you, Moms. We celebrate you today!

Our Father (Week 3): Final Thoughts on Prayer…For Now

April 2018

Our Father (Week 2): Kids and Prayer

Our Father (Week 1): Prayer

Waging War on Sin (Week 2): Sin & The Church

Waging War on Sin (Week 1): The Dilemma

March 2018

Who Do You Say I Am? (Week 4): Matthias

Who Do You Say I Am? (Week 3): Claudia

Who Do You Say I Am? (Week 2): Bartimaeus

Who Do You Say I Am? (Week 1): The Disciple

February 2018

Train to Win (Week 4): Perseverance

Train to Win (Week 3): Priorities

Train to Win (Week 2): Being Coachable

Train to Win (Week 1): Training

January 2018

Adultery & Divorce: The Enemy’s Plan