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Nancy Crozier

Please pray for my mom who is having a knee replacement tomorrow morning (Tuesday).

Received: February 15, 2016

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Prayed for 16 times.

Jeff Sager

My company has a couple of employees that are out due to having surgery in the last week or so. I would like prayer for a speedy and complete recovery and quick return to work as they are both key employees. Please specifically pray for Anita and Renee as they each battle through their recoveries. Also pray the doctors and nurses taking care of them are capable and making great decisions on their behalf so they don't have any issues of any kind going forward.

Thank you!!

Received: February 15, 2016

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Prayed for 25 times.

Linda Price

Our daughter, Julie, has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. She has had many of the symptoms for years but never diagnosed. She has had health problems for many years and may have been misdiagnosed and treated. She will be having surgery to remove a tumor so please pray for good results and she will be restored to good health.

Received: February 12, 2016

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Prayed for 18 times.

Donalda Antrup

I have entered the end of my Senior year at Spring Arbor University in Michigan. I now am completing an internship with Project Help. I travel only one day a week to the main campus in Michigan, which is an hour and a half drive instead of the two to four days a week that I traveled last semester.

I am asking for prayers, because like most college students I am uncertain of where I want to go in the great abyss of the world of Social Work. The problems are real of people who suffer living in their environments that do not know how to get out of their life of being oppressed by their circumstances whether related to their behavior or that of their ancestors or just the circumstances of life that can make it a beautiful struggle. I do know that God will open doors for us to walk through if we allow him into our lives. (Acts 16:6-10) God will use our differences to glorify him and to conform us to the image that he chooses for us to be. (Romans 8:29)

I have interviewed for a Masters Program at one college here in Indiana and have two more interviews to go. I do know that I ultimately need to return to the work force and would like to continue my education, because the state of Indiana does not require Social Workers at the Bachelor's level to be licensed. They are required to be licensed at the Master's level. That is my goal. I am praying that it is God's goal for me as well and that he will open up those doors for me. I am asking that you would join me in my prayer, so that I can help those in this community that I am coming to love being a part of.

Received: February 10, 2016

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Scott Antrup

My children's grandmother, Theresa Chrysler, who once attended Fairview is in poor health. She suffered a fall a couple of weeks ago and it took some convincing to get her to seek medical attention. When her family was able to convince her she was placed in serious condition for a multitude of medical diagnoses. She has not been one to seek medical attention during the course of her lifetime, because her thinking was that you went to the hospital at the end of your life. She was released from the hospital and sent home. Sadly, she has not responded to the treatment that she was placed on and has continued to suffer and is now bleeding. She is back at Cameron Hospital. We are asking for prayers for her family, because they need them. Even though I am no longer a part of that family, my children are and I care deeply about the possibility that my children could lose their grandmother.

Received: February 9, 2016

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Prayed for 21 times.

Carrie Reed

Please pray for me. I have a blocked artery in one leg - also 2 wounds on that leg, one of those wounds has a staff infection. I also have the flu. Thank you!

Received: February 9, 2016

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Prayed for 28 times.

Sheila Wightman

Please pray God is there and His will be done as to whether my granddaughter be returned to my daughter or remain in my care. Also that God be with the judge who makes the decision and that my daughter be able to accept whatever the outcome. Either way, it will be "bittersweet" for me. The court date is February 16th.

Received: February 1, 2016

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Prayed for 29 times.

Barb Lawrence

Please pray for my husband, Ron, as he is still recovering from a broken hip in October and gall bladder surgery earlier this month.

Received: January 29, 2016

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Prayed for 20 times.

Cindy Cairl

“Roberta Corwin is having surgery at Parkview North Regional Medical Center on Friday January 29th at 7 AM. Please pray that everything goes well and she has a speedy recovery."

Received: January 28, 2016

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Prayed for 26 times.

Wil and Pat Iler

Please pray for safety for our Grandson, Tyler Williams. He left Friday for the Middle East and is in Charleston, SC for a week due to mechanical issues on the plane. He\'s an aerial gunner. Also please pray for his Wife Ashli and Daughter Anah in Clovis, NM. Ashli is expecting their son in May.

Received: January 28, 2016

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