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I have worked with youth for several years, and have recently become a pastor of a small church. I continued to hold youth Bible study for these youth, but they are beginning to stray...not just from the group, but from the Lord. My heart really hurts and I don't know how to explain it. The church attendance as well has not increased...if anything it has decreased. I am discouraged and really, really hurting. My family knows how difficult this is for me, but I am I step down from everything, or continue? I am not a self-centered person, but I feel like several people I've thought so much of and put so much trust in are being inconsiderate and take advantage of me because of the love I have for them. I don't know how to approach this and I'm not even sure if I want to continue to any relation with some people. Please pray for me, and pray for the youth that are straying, and that the Lord will send some encouragement. Pray for my church and church family. Pray that the Lord will send me something to fill me with the joy and excitement of service. Pray that the excitement of serving the Lord will fill my church members and youth, regardless of whether I am there or not.

Received: February 5, 2018

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Prayed for 14 times.

Randy Tanner

I am requesting prayers for Karen, my ex-wife, who had a severe heart attack on Thursday, January 25th. They found no blockage. They have yet to discover the cause. She suffered heart damage. They don't know if her heart will ever heal or not. She is home resting for a few weeks and could really use plenty of prayers. If you are a friend and would like to contact her on Facebook, I'm sure she would love to hear from you. Thanks and God's blessings to you all.

Received: February 4, 2018

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Prayed for 12 times.


Trouble at work. Bosses look down on us laborers. They keep track of all our mistakes and seem to want to find fault. I need work. Please pray I work to the glory of God, impress my bosses, and find work I will excel at.

Received: February 2, 2018

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Prayed for 16 times.


I don’t want to live anymore. I look at my life and think I just don’t want to do this anymore. I want to get out of this world so much. I’m suicididal almost every day. I’m so tired. Things aren’t going like I hope they would and God just doesn’t seem to be listening no matter how much I pray. It’s almost like things are great from His perspective but from mine they’re awful. I can’t find work and I’m worried about money. I have no close friends to confide in. There for awhile things really seemed to be changing for the better but now they’re just stalled and I can’t do anything about it. I have anxiety attacks all the time. I’m trying to do what God wants but it seems to have led me to this point and I don’t know what else to do. Every time I pray about it it’s like He tells me to just keep doing what I’ve been doing.

Received: February 1, 2018

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Prayed for 11 times.

Vicki Banks

Our family needs lots of prayers again. We're so appreciative of those we've already had - thank you. The girl who falsely accused Brian and sent him to prison has now brought a civil suit against BOTH Brian and his wife, MaryAnn, for personal damages, etc. First, we need the services of the best civil defense lawyer we can afford. It's in Allen County/Fort Wayne, and I don't know if that matters, but we'd like names of good people who have a good record in that kind of case. Second, we need prayers to cover all the fees and charges. The kids are using up all their resources left after the last trial, and extended family is helping. If they lose the case, most everything will be taken now and in the future as well. Third, we need prayers for a favorable outcome for this lawsuit and for his last appeal for Post Conviction Relief which will be going on about the same time. Lastly, we need prayers to keep our faith up. It is so terribly hard to wait on the Lord's will in all this while watching the injustices going on. We are thankful for the blessings and support we've received of course, but the enemy seems to be on us all of the time. We are too weak to hold up sometimes. Thank you so much for all you have done. Feel free to put us on other prayer lists and also pray for others in this same situation. We personally know of at least 4 others.

Received: January 31, 2018

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Prayed for 8 times.

Mason Banks

I thought I found the part for that clock I’m trying to fix but it turns out it’s not going to work after all. Please keep praying I find what it needs. The last thing I want is to send it back not working.

Received: January 29, 2018

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Prayed for 12 times.


Pray for the Rager Family. They are going through hard times.

Received: January 18, 2018

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Prayed for 12 times.

Nancy Schall

Praise God Roger’s sinus issues with all the complications have been resolved! He is doing well!

Please pray for Nancy’s foot surgery Tuesday, January 23 and six weeks off her feet following that. Asking for complete healing and patience with a very different life style!

Received: January 17, 2018

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Prayed for 10 times.

Diane Hersch

Please pray for my daughter, Donna Bryant, who is in the hospital with heart issues.

Received: October 16, 2017

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Prayed for 9 times.


Fast & pray. Heavenly father have mercy-grace on us, forgive all our sins (me, daughter, husband). Please touch & heal our mind-body-soul completely. Deliver us from all devil's chain. Keep my daughter healthy-happy. Shower YOUR blessing of good health-knowledge-wisdom-joy-love-peace on her. Help her in study-exam. Protect her from all evil-illness-infection. No one may harm her. Father touch & heal our body take away all pain. Control my husband's anger-break his stony heart. Destroy all evil plans against us. Protect my job, no one may harm me. Provide me finance. THANK YOU. IJN Amen

Received: October 14, 2017

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