Fairview Missionary Church

Invite your friends, relatives and neighbors to this special service which includes:

Veteran Recognition
Special Music
Speaker:  Chaplain (Colonel-Retired) Tim Willoughby
Chaplain Willoughby was the senior chaplain over all armed services at the highest point in both Gulf Wars and Afghanistan with over 500 chaplains under his responsibility. Many of the names of military personnel you now hear on the news and recently appointed to government positions are among his friends. He has given spiritual counsel to the men and women who have led our armed forces for the last 15 years. He is one of only a handful of chaplains to earn the Green Beret. A humble man of God, he is now a counselor on staff at Bayside Community Church of God in Bayside, Florida. Tim is Linda Fuller’s cousin.
You may read more about Chaplain Willoughby here.
Infant, Toddler, and Preschool rooms are open.
Children grades K – 5 and teens are in the sanctuary for the Patriotic Service!
10:31 Casual Gym Service joins us in the sanctuary this day.