Chorus 1

Lord let Your judgment Passover us
Lord let Your love hover near
Don’t let Your sweet mercy Passover us
Let this blood cover over us here

Verse 1

Well we all remember Moses
On the banks of the river
He said Pharaoh
You’ve got to let my people go
You don’t want me
To have to tell you this
Ten times over
Denial ain’t just a river you know

Verse 2

And we all remember Pharaoh
He just wouldn’t do it
So the plagues
They came upon Egypt one by one
His heart was hard and the other nine
Just couldn’t move it
So the last was the worst
The death of the firstborn son

Verse 3

But the Lord He gave to Moses
A word for the people
He said their firstborn sons
Would live to see another day
Put the blood of a lamb on the doorway
And death will pass right over
That night
All of the children of Israel prayed

Verse 4

So the years went by and the people
They whined and they wandered
And only sacrifice
Atoned for the sins of the land
So you see the priest
He placed upon the holy altar
The body of a spotless lamb
And he prayed

CCLI Song # 4746128

  • Andrew Peterson

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