Send Good News and Great Joy
No toothpaste or candy of any kind!
Customs Regulations prohibit them.
The cost of shipping is now $9 per box
For the past 15 years FMC has collected shoeboxes filled with gifts that are distributed to
children in desperate situations worldwide.
Shoeboxes are now available in the foyer for you to pick up and fill.
Shoebox-sized plastic boxes with lids work very well also.
If you would rather not fill a box yourself and would like to make a donation, the money will be used to fill boxes and cover the shipping.
Just mark your offering envelope “shoeboxes”.
The suggested donation is $30 per box.
 As soon as you have a shoebox filled, you may drop it off at the Connection Center.  
2018 Goal:  700 shoeboxes!
The deadline is at noon on Tuesday, November 13
Questions?  Please contact Miss Jessica:  665-8402