Norm’s Notes

June 22, 2018

A Special Norm’s Notes about Project Help
As most of you know, I am Chairman of the Board at Project Help of Steuben County. Project Help is not a ministry of Fairview Missionary Church but Fairview supports Project Help very generously. Project Help is run with a skeleton crew of paid staff and a huge group of volunteers. It touches 2,700 families – yes, families, not just individuals – each year. All of the regular volunteers, 15-20 of them, have super huge servant’s hearts to help the under resourced. 
One of these volunteers is a retired man who has a pick up truck. His task was to haul away large items that have been left at Project Help but are of no value and cannot be passed on to others. Two to three times a week he would load up mattresses that had bedbugs or were otherwise unusable, furniture that was broken beyond repair, or things left at Project Help out in the weather that were ruined. He would take them to his property in another county to be disposed of by burning and recycling. The authorities in that county have asked our good-hearted volunteer to not do this anymore. In recent days you may have seen some of these things out by the dumpster at Project Help when you have driven by and wondered why. (Buggy items are always placed by the dumpster so the bugs do not get into the building. We had bugs in the building once and learned our lesson.) All that to say Project Help is looking for a dumpster that may only be half used that we can place large unusable items in. Project Help could easily fill up a dumpster the same size we now have. If you can provide the dumpster, our volunteer can get the items there. Contact Sheri Frank at Project Help if you can help: 260-316-3435. Thank you for helping Project Help.
Another volunteer working at Project Help is Cari from Cuba. She is very happy all the time. She has been in the United States for 30 plus years but had to get her permit renewed every four years. She decided it was time to become a US citizen. She went to Grand Rapids and did all the necessary paperwork and they took her photo and fingerprints. She is now waiting for a phone call so she can say the pledge. She comes and stands beside me and says, “see, I am going to be just like you, American citizen” while pointing at me. I told her when she becomes a citizen she can no longer dye her hair red, or blue, or orange, or whatever the color of the day is. She responds “No color hair when citizen.” I still cannot understand her English. Welcome to being a citizen, Cari. It is people like you that make us great. When you stop in at Project Help’s Resale Store, ask to talk to Cari. She runs the store 10:00 – 2:00 on Saturdays. You will know her by her speech and happy way of life.
45% of the people who get help at Project Help, free food monthly or free clothes when needed, have some form of social security as their main source of income. This means they are over 62 years old or on disability.
If you are looking for a service project for your group or yourself, I encourage you to consider Project Help. One hour a week, one day a week, one week a month or year, or for the rest of your life.
See you Sunday!
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