Norm’s Notes                                          August 16, 2018

Random Thoughts from Here and There
Bugs and Frogs and Lights
Nathan and Christina and little two year old Mario Duran are living in our ministry house while they raise support to go to the mission field in Argentina. One night they accidentally left the porch light on all night. Of course the light attracted bugs to the side of the house along with several tiny frogs. The frogs used the suction cups on their feet to climb up the side of the house to eat the banquet of bugs. Dad and little Mario pulled the frogs off the side of the house and put them in a glass container and they let them out each night under the light that is now purposely left on for the bugs and the frogs and the two year old. So when you go by the ministry house and see the porch light on all night, say a prayer for the Durans as they raise funds to get to the mission field. In that prayer, thank God for his interesting creation that a little two year old is learning about. These are lessons he will never forget about bugs and lights and frogs with tiny suction cup feet that climb the side of a house at night in Angola, Indiana. The Durans speak in my small group Wednesday, September 5, at 6:45 pm in room S103-104.
Betty Delvalle
Last week I conducted the funeral for Rosemary Medford’s mother, Betty Delvalle. Betty was born and raised in West Virginia in the 1940’s and slept on a chicken feather mattress and pillow. As a teenager she gets her first job and what does she do with some of her first paychecks? She buys herself a “normal” mattress. That’s what was important to a teenage girl in West Virginia in the 1940’s. 
Betty was raised on the King James Bible. She still had her dad’s KJV but in her later years she also loved her Message Bible as much as the KJV. In fact, she had underlined all of John 15:1-17 in her Message Bible. Well done, Betty.
Rodger Funk
Rodger’s funeral is today. He attended Fairview for 35 years. He came here because of the deaf ministry. Rodger was deaf but he got a cochlear implant about eight years ago. He could understand you if he looked right at you to see your lips move while hearing you talk. Image this, the very first words you ever hear clearly is the voice of God saying “Well done, good and faithful servant”. It takes the song “I Can Only Imagine” to a whole new level of meaning. Deaf people sing “I Can Only Imagine” at a different level of worship than the rest of us.
Rodger’s 86 year old sister is a prim and proper lady. She looks like she just walked out of a catalog, 20 years younger than her age. She owns a painting shop “barn” where she paints pictures. Some of her paintings are hanging in some famous places on the east coast from when she was a traveling artist 40 years ago. Recently she tripped over a rug in her “barn” and hit her cheek bone on a saw horse and had to go to the emergency room to get stitched up. The young man doing intake at the ER was from China and did not comprehend our American language. So the intake form that described the accident said ‘a well dressed farm lady tripped in her barn and got kicked by a wooden horse’. She laughs about it now
Amish Tonic
I recently bought a “Good for What Ails You – an invigorating and therapeutic blend of 14 herbs and spices” tonic is Shipshewana. I will tell you about it soon.
See you Sunday!
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