Norm’s Notes                                                                                                      August 3, 2018

Random Thoughts from Here and There
I’ve been working with a man who was homeless. He now pays his own way to live in a pay by the week area hotel. He got a job working 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. 3 and 4 days a week in a factory. He received a “new” van from our CARS Ministry. Before he came to FMC for help he didn’t work, lived in his vehicle, and got food from food pantries because his child support payments were so high that it was just easier. He would be able to make ends meet if he lived in his van but otherwise I do not see how this will work for him. He is paying his way for now but this one is difficult for me to get a handle on. There is no good answer here.
I talked with a person whose family has two vehicles – one with 230,000 miles on it (and it looks to be in good shape outside), the other with 320,000 miles. That’s a total of 550,000 miles. That is 22 times around the earth at the equator or more than a trip to the moon and back and starting over again. They have no plans to get newer ones.
My 16 year old granddaughter got her driver’s license. Watch out South Bend! Another granddaughter, who will be 13 in September, is writing her first book. She is on page 220 hand written. It is fiction with seven characters interacting with each other. When it is published I will see if I can get you all a signed copy of the first printing. 
I wonder if the road redo in front of the church will be done by July 4, 2019.
Sometimes when I am sitting in the waiting room at the hospital I pick up the Gideon Bible. Usually they are the King James Version or the New King James Version. I was surprised to find a Contemporary English Version (CEV) of the Gideon Bible recently in a waiting room. Great job, Gideons.
Linda and I went to the Steuben County 4-H fair recently. It seems we have more young people involved in the fair than any other single event. FMC kids’ names were “everywhere”.
At a 4-H fair in New Mexico a steer sold for $56,000. It was owned by a 9 year old whose policeman father was killed. Watch the story here.
See you Sunday!
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