Norm’s Notes                                                                                                                  May 25, 2018

People Stories
Glenn and I conducted the funeral of Devon Owsley last Friday; Kevin Owsley’s father. He had written notes all over the pages of his Bible. It was the most written in Bible I have ever seen. Top margin, bottom margin, sides, everywhere. When the margins were full he started using sticky notes on top of sticky notes on top of sticky notes. He deeply studied the word of God, rightly dividing the word of truth. He especially liked prophecy study. The family tells me he would turn every conversation into “what does the Bible say about that?” Well done, Devon Owsley.
A young lady who had to do 200 hours of community service did most of them at Fairview. We had a few good talks. She has a good church background. Some days she would work third shift at her factory job, get off at 6 a.m., come and sleep an hour or two in her car in our parking lot and then work 2-4 hours. She was a very good worker. With that many hours, she got to meet most of the church staff. She has a lot of tattoos and several body piercings and an ankle bracelet. She summarized her time here. It is the only church she has been in where she felt welcomed and not judged. When you see her on a Sunday morning, be sure to welcome her.
I got a phone call from a homeless man. He had worked for us before but I had not heard from him in 4-5 months. He’d been living in his car but his car caught fire and burned up everything he owned. The story was in the paper. He slept in a field, without blankets, the night before he called me. I put him up in a pay-by-the-week hotel, got him some food and clothes at Project Help, and loaned him the church van. He had dropped and broken his phone so we got him another cheap one. There is no way to get a job without a phone. He has put in his application “everywhere”. He left the homeless shelter under less than favorable terms so he cannot go back there. There is a lot more to this story.
We are always looking for cars the CARS ministry can repurpose to those who have no car at all. Consider donating your car to the church.
If you are reading your Bible through this year, you are in Job the last two weeks of May. Job 37:13 says, “He waters the earth to show his love.” Oh how He loves us!
See you Sunday!
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