Norm’s Notes                                                                                                         December 21, 2018

Random Thoughts from Here and There
This last Sunday, December 16, just before the start of the 9:00 service, a phone call came in to the church Connection Center from Cameron Hospital. A person had just passed away and the family would like a pastor to come and pray with them. I went to the hospital and met the family in the room. Everyone was very emotional. He had just passed away about 30 minutes before I got there. I introduced myself as Caring Pastor at Fairview Missionary Church. You could just see the expressions on their faces change from tension and hurt filled to calm and very glad to see you’ expressions. (This is not Norm changing their expressions but just the presence of a pastor can change the situation for hurting hearts.) 
I asked the wife, who was still holding her husband’s hand, how long they had been married. She immediately said 60 years, 6 months and 13 days. I thought to myself, wow, there’s a lot of love here to be able to recall the details in that setting. 
I recognized one person in the room but could not recall where I had seen her. I asked, “Where do I know you from?” She said, “I am Stephanie, from University Inn.” She is one of the managers at the place where the church often helps with housing. We have talked many times over the last two to three years. Then Stephanie proceeded to tell me the man who had just passed away was her grandpa and this was the fifth death in her family since October. She has lost her mother, two uncles, an aunt, and now grandpa. They will have two funerals this week – one on Thursday and one on Saturday. I will do the one on Saturday for her grandpa. On top of all that, it was her brother that was in the car / semi accident in LaGrange County last week. The picture of the car was in the local paper and when you saw the picture, you said how did anyone survive that? He actually had only a broken foot and was getting out of the hospital on Sunday, the same day his grandpa passed away.
Pray for Stephanie’s family. I am going to keep in touch with this extended family.
Our granddaughter, Brynn, 8 years old, has an appearance in the Notre Dame video Christmas card this year. She was on a date night with her dad, Andy, which consisted of going to dad’s work place and helping with a video shoot (which she fully loved). Since her dad set it all up and her uncle Tony is the camera man, they made sure she got into the video. See the video here. Brynn is the one in the front row, middle, with the panda bear hat.
Andy also does a podcast about every week. One recent one was an interview with a Notre Dame astrophysicist (guy who studies the stars). He talked about the Star of Bethlehem. That podcast led to a presentation to show the stars and planets at the time Christ was born. 
All the family comes home next weekend for Christmas. This will be fun.
Christmas Eve service is 6:00 p.m. December 24. Come early, there’s usually a very full sanctuary.
See you Sunday!
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