Norm’s Notes          October 31, 2018

Random Thoughts from Here and There
How I Would Vote
I will be glad when the Christmas ads start on TV – that way I know that the election is over. For us in Indiana the political cartoon in our local Steuben County paper said it best: “Are you going to vote for the guy who gets parts made in China or for the guy who gets his parts made in Mexico.”
Linda and I voted early. I anticipate the line on Tuesday to be very long.
There is a petition going around to get Halloween changed to the last Saturday in October. I vote yes to that. If someone wants to start a movement to get Easter to always be the first Sunday of April, I vote yes to that too.
If someone could make the whole nation not go on Daylight Savings Time I vote yes to that. Maybe I could vote twice for this – once in the spring and once in the fall.
There is a movement to get almond milk to stop using the word “milk” on their cartons. I vote yes to this. This ole farm boy knows there is no way in all of God’s creation that you get milk from an almond. No matter how hard you squeeze the almond tree it is not going to give  milk. God did not give the almond tree, or any tree, the “equipment” to give milk. Udderly impossible! Now in Michigan they have on the ballot to legalize marijuana. If they vote yes, there will be people north of us who may think that milk comes from trees but it is not possible. I know chocolate milk comes from brown cows, but milk from a nut tree seems impossible to me. 
What do you think?
The new online giving link is easy to use and sharp. I set mine up as a recurring gift from my credit card that gives me 2% back. Therefore my 10% tithe is really only 8% to me. It gives you a thank you note every time you give and you have access to your giving record. Here is a link to the online form or you can text the word “give” to 260-222-7373 to use your phone.
Some people trade in their older car for a new one at the end of the year. If this is you and you do not need the trade in value for the car, consider donating your car to the CARS ministry. Others who have no transportation could use your car. 
We have been singing “Chain Breaker” for a few Sundays. Here it is by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.
I enjoy watching the Angola High School football team on Facebook with home town media. There are several guys on the team who will play at the next level.
See you Sunday!
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