Norm’s Notes                                                                                                             January 19, 2018

Stories of some of the people God has brought across my path this week (the short version)
Guy # 1   Community Service guy, good worker. He has a full time job but he spends $200-$300 a weekend on beer and alcohol and worries about how he is going to get $20 for half a tank of gas to get back and forth to work. He’s been doing that for 20 years. He thinks this time he is going to give up the alcohol. I told him I would work him harder if it would help him give it up.
Guys # 2 and 3   Two men, 18 and 19 years old. They got a ride to church from an area pay-by-the-week hotel to see if they could earn $60 to pay the rest of this week’s rent. Nice clean young men. Both had jobs, but one lost his because he could not get to work. The other is able to work at his job when he can get a ride to show up for work. They do not have a car that runs. Dads are out of the picture. Both moms have medical issues and cannot work. The boys do not smoke or do drugs and they have a church back ground. They are the wage earners for both families. They have no food in their hotel rooms (the moms live in the same hotel). They mopped the gym floor. Very good workers. They did other things for us. I got some food from our kitchen for them and one of them immediately started to eat some of the frozen cookies – he was that hungry. We sat and talked for a while. Their car needs a new ignition, their uncle tells them. I am going to see if I can get their car fixed. Nice young men just trying to get ahead.
Lady # 1   This lady has been with an abusive guy for 28 years. She finally left him to move in with a couple where that guy beats his girlfriend. She wants out bad enough that she is going to live in her car. The homeless shelter will not take her because of past drug abuse. She’s been off meth since 2007 and off “pills” since 2013. She worked for $30 for a tank of gas to get to the Fort Wayne shelter.
These are just a few stories out of 12-15 phone calls in one day of people needing some form of help. Only one of the calls was from an FMC person. 
Who has God brought across your path that you can help?
See you Sunday!
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