2016 – Muslim House in Lafayette, LA

Finished up the Muslim house today,. Had team sign the Bible as usual and circled up to pray with the homeowner. We have covered how to present a Bible at the Cove, such as don’t write in the Bible other than on the pages provided in the front for signatures, and don’t use left hand while presenting. That makes it hard, you can not hold the Bible and explain all the unique aspects of The Billy Graham Training Bible. So I basically told Mr. homeowner what he would find in the back, (50 most asked questions of Billy Graham ) during his life of sharing God’s Word, the Concordance in the front, and God’s unfailing words in the middle. He received Bible with both hands (amazing) and noticed the signatures from all who worked on his house. He was visibly moved and held Bible closely and thanked us repeatedly. This is the man who yesterday told his wife, “Don’t be surprised if I turn Christian next week.” Well, guess what, next week is here——— keep praying, Chaplains will be visiting this week. Edin