Men’s Fraternity – 2007

My Story 1

“As I look at my life – past, present, future – I see there are a lot of things in the now that I need to change or work on in myself. It is always easier to point out other people’s flaws and not look at oneself. This class has really opened my eyes to what God had intended for and expected out of me.

I see now that I need to lead courageously in the spiritual aspects of life with my family. I need to be a leader in my children’s growth in their knowledge of the Bible and meaning. I intend to do this by starting a weekly Bible study with them and my wife. I also plan on beginning to pray openly with my wife at bedtime, so that we both have a closer, more personal, relationship with each other in Christ.”

My Story 2

“I am a responsible person. I provide for my family, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I tend to be more passive in nature, stemming from my authoritarian upbringing and my desire to teach my children to make decisions for themselves. I have over-compensated and feel as though I have fallen short as a leader in my family when coupled with my absenteeism during our older children’s early years. Some of our children seem to have come through unscathed but some struggle with life, its challenges and decisions. I pray for the insight, ability, and assertiveness to help them become the people God wants them to be.”

My Story 3

“Taking my sons to Authentic Manhood class has been a rewarding experience for us. While the boys and I often find it difficult to chat, the class curriculum often gives us a place to being a discussion. I will continue to look for additional material that my sons and I can review together. The Authentic Manhood class has made it obvious to me that positive message is good for me as a father. My sons and I are better off because of the time we have spent at class as Father and Sons. I will not put my boys out on the street without them knowing they are men first. We will mark and celebrate their special day with a celebration prior to them leaving home.”