From time to time people ask, “What can I give as a memorial or special gift to Fairview?” To answer that question the following suggestions are provided. In most circumstances, we prefer that the memorial be made in the form of money and then Fairview will purchase the designated item. This way items purchased will fit into the decor and be of better service to the ministries at FMC. This list covers suggestions from $50 to several million dollars. Some of these items Fairview would probably never buy for itself, but they would be a nice addition if given in the form of a memorial or special gift. Costs are just estimates, usually high estimates. This list is periodically updated so please see Pastor Joel for other suggestions.

Long Range Plans

As the Lord leads us, the church has detailed long-range building plans.  It includes additional children’s education space, day care space, and a teen addition, the construction of a new large gymnasium and the remodeling of our present gym into two stories of classrooms.  In addition on our south property, we would like to build a pavilion and amphitheater with a pond to be used for baptism.

Thank you for your generous giving. We desire your prayers for God’s direction.

Under $500                                                 $500 – $2,000

Artificial plants/trees
Carpet ball table for teens
Computer software
Craft materials
DVD training tapes
Office / room decor
Sports Equipment
Tables/ Chairs
Commercial ping pong tables
Curtains, wall decorations for classrooms
Decorations for any area of the church
Items for the ministry houses
Shirts with logo for children’s workers
TV/audio equipment for nurseries for live feed
Upgrade P.A. System
Wireless microphones

$2,000 – $5,000

Advertising campaign
Audio editing equipment (for radio)
Buffer (high-speed) for gym floor
Commercial propane gas grill
Computers:  Additional / upgrade office & daycare
Inspirational walk (Development of trees/landscaping)
Intercom system upgrade
Laptops for various uses
LED sign for outside
Signs for the building and grounds
Theater lighting
Video projector / computer for classrooms

$5,000 – $50,000

Air-condition the gym and youth office Closed circuit TV system for the church Endowment fund for the church Fire alarm system in old part of church
Flag display of our missionaries’ countries
HD projectors for the sanctuary
John Deere Gator or similar vehicle Pave lower level stone parking lot
Remodel and redecorate the foyer with furniture
Roof repair and replacement
Take noise out of sanctuary air handler
20-25 passenger bus or more mini vans
Soccer Field:  done right this would cost $10,000
Skid loader or other snow moving machine
Underwrite salary of additional staff person for a year
Underwrite spiritual life campaign (like 40 Days of Purpose)
Video equipment and commercial camera
Underwrite the cost of a Bridge event
These events are big events where FMC invites the community to the church:
Easter advertising: $2000
Children’s Resale:  $2000 spring and fall
Bethlehem Marketplace:  $7,000
Other events to underwrite:
Pack Away Hunger meal packing:  $30,000 for 100,000 meals (or a portion of that)
Kids Fall Festival:  $3,000
Marriage Retreat
Ministry House Upgrade
We purchased both ministry houses “as is” and have made necessary improvements, but both houses could use some upgrades:  house 1 needs more insulation; house 2 needs siding, windows and insulation upgrades. Any gift that would cover the total cost of a specific project is appreciated.

$50,000 – $200,000

Amphitheater with baptismal pond for outdoor events. The pond would be used for baptism and could be emptied for safety reasons: $20,000.
Picnic pavilion with its own restrooms and fireplace. Similar to the Selman pavilion in Commons Park, Angola:  $40,000.
Better insulate parts of the church building
Purchase additional land near the church

No Specific Amount

Gifts to:
Children’s or Teen Ministry
Gifts to help families:
Benevolence cases
Camp Scholarships for children and teens
Day Care Ministry:  Underwrite a week of child care for everyone. Day care income is approximately $7,500 a week. Young families struggle to make ends meet and child care expense for many is a big challenge. This gift would help 75 day care families in a big way.  We would underwrite the week any time a gift is given, but to do so in mid-November as young families are preparing for Christmas would be helpful.
Any gift so we don’t have to raise our rates
Funding for:
Books for Church Library
Children’s Ministry wing
Counseling Ministry
Missions Trips for men, women, or teens
Sports Camp
Promotional CDs or DVDs 
Thanks for your prayerful and generous consideration of these special gifts.