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October 2017

Relationship Goals: The Perplexity of Relationships


September 2017

Share Your Faith Story (Week 3): Good News!


Share Your Faith (Week 3): The Great Commission

The Great Commission 
Matthew 28:18-20

Share Your Faith Story (Week 2): Discern & Respond


Share Your Faith Story (Week 1): Love & Listen


August 2017

The End (Week 4): A Study Through the Book of Revelation; The Arrival of the New Jerusalem


The End (Week 3) A Study Through the Book of Revelation: The Two Beasts


The End (Week 2) A Study Through the Book of Revelation

Opening the Seals

The End (Week 1) A Study Through the Book of Revelation: What Are the Signs?


July 2017

Judges (Week 5) Faithful God: Broken People; The Long Haired Judge


Judges (Week 4) Broken People: Faithful God;Mafia Thug Judge


Judges (Week 3) Broken People: Faithful God; Fire, Fleece & Future Dreams


Judges (Week 2) Broken People: Faithful God; Milk & Honey


Patriotic Service

Speaker:  Chaplain (Colonel-Retired) Tim Willoughby
The introduction of Chaplain Willoughby and his message begin at 54:20 of the video.

June 2017

Judges – Broken People: Faithful God (Week 1); What Now?


Father’s Day 2017: How I See God in Dads


Blessed (Week 4): Give It All Away


Blessed (Week 3): Perspective


May 2017

Blessed (Week 2): Giving Opportunities


Blessed (Week 1): Generosity