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April 2018

Waging War on Sin (Week 2): Sin & The Church

Waging War on Sin (Week 1): The Dilemma

March 2018

Who Do You Say I Am? (Week 4): Matthias

Who Do You Say I Am? (Week 3): Claudia

Who Do You Say I Am? (Week 2): Bartimaeus

Who Do You Say I Am? (Week 1): The Disciple

February 2018

Train to Win (Week 4): Perseverance

Train to Win (Week 3): Priorities

Pastor Joel’s father gives his testimony beginning at 17:00 minutes.

2-19-18 Coffee Talk

Train to Win (Week 2): Being Coachable

Train to Win (Week 1): Training

Monday Coffee Talk:


January 2018

Adultery & Divorce: The Enemy’s Plan

Jesus is Greater Than (Week 6): Your Work

Jesus Is Greater Than (Week 5): Final Instructions

Jesus is Greater Than (Week 4): A Christian’s Wardrobe


December 2017

Jesus Is Greater Than (Week 3): Don’t Be Gullible

Christmas Eve Service 2017

Jesus is Greater Than…(Week 2): The Reconciler


Jesus is Greater Than (Week 1): A Study of Colossians

Walk the Talk (Week 2): Reflecting Christ

November 2017

Walk the Talk (Week 1): Living Your Faith