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October 2018

Made In The Image Of God

The Start of Christianity (Week 3): Sacrifice

September 2018

The Start of Christianity (Week 2): Isaac & Ishmael

The Start of Christianity (Week 1): Abraham

Back 2 Church Sunday

Partnership In The Gospel

Parables of Jesus: The Seed

August 2018

The Two Shall Become One Flesh (Week 4): More Than Friends

The Two Shall Become One Flesh (Week 3): A Process Not A Product

The Two Shall Become One Flesh (Week 2): Seeking Your One With Your Two

The Two Shall Become One Flesh: Why Marriage?

July 2018

The Fruitless Fig Tree

Remember: 2 Peter (Week 4) Jesus Will Return

Remember (2 Peter) Week 3: Slaves of Depravity

Remember (2 Peter): I Saw Him

Patriotic 2018: Honoring Heroes

June 2018

Remember (2 Peter): Farewell Speech

Father’s Day 2018: A Dad’s Job

Words In Worship

Love Your Neighbor (Week 3): The Least of These