Marriage Retreat

“I think for me the most touching time was the renewal of the vows on Saturday night. My husband mentioned that I cried more at the renewal ceremony than I did at our “real wedding.” After giving it some thought, I realized why. When we married, neither of us was walking with the Lord. It was a nice ceremony by a minister friend, with some friends and relatives present. Today, my husband is not the man I married many years ago. Today he is a man who walks with God on a daily basis, a man who has stayed by my side through many trials and tribulations, a man who has accepted my family as his own, and a man who isn’t afraid to share his belief and his tears and can admit he doesn’t have all the answers – but knows the one who does. I feel the ceremony, coupled with sharing the Lord’s supper together, has truly reconfirmed our “first marriage” to our “new marriage.” We are grateful for all the planning and work that went into making such a special weekend for all of us. Count us in when you plan retreat #2!”

“When my husband and I married many years ago, he was not a Christian and I was not living my life for the Lord. When we repeated the vows Saturday evening, it meant more to us than the day we got married. I could go on but I don’t want to bore you. I just know that with God at the center of our marriage we can make it until God takes one of us home.”

“Thank you so much for the marriage retreat! We had so much fun and learned so much. We also had a great time getting to know some new people and learning more about those we were already friends with. It is so amazing to see the Lord at work in His church. I am so glad that we are a part of that! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to go last weekend. We realized that even early on in our marriage it is very important to work on skills that will help to keep us together forever! Thank you for doing good work. It does not go unnoticed! We anticipate next years retreat!”