I will praise Him I will praise Him
Praise the Lamb for sinners slain
Give Him glory all ye people
For His blood can wash away each stain

Verse 1

When I saw the cleansing fountain
Open wide for all my sin
I obeyed the Spirit’s wooing
When He said wilt thou be clean

Verse 2

Tho’ the way seemed straight and narrow
All I claimed was swept away
My ambitions plans and wishes
At my feet in ashes lay

Verse 3

Then God’s fire upon the altar
Of my heart was set aflame
I shall never cease to praise Him
Glory glory to His name

Verse 4

Blessed be the name of Jesus
I’m so glad He took me in
He’s forgiven my transgressions
He has cleansed my heart from sin

Verse 5

Glory glory to the Father
Glory glory to the Son
Glory glory to the Spirit
Glory to the Three in One