Fall 2003

I’ve been attending Fairview for about three years; the first year being very sporadic. I believe it was during the Home Improvement Series when I received a tremendous blessing… answered prayer! My prayers and burdens over the last several years have been focused on the salvation of my family. God has been doing HIS work with each person in my family, including me. I have learned to be diligent in prayer, knowing that God has His own ways and His own timetable for working in and through us.

For the last few months my husband has been coming to church and actually looks forward to it! Previously, he never valued worship and fellowship with believers. As a child he was forced to go to church and parochial schools (elementary), thus his perception of formal worship was jaded by the relentless repetition and misgivings of Catholicism. He obtained the Missionary Church’s position papers because I believe he is searching for answers to some of the misunderstandings he learned in his youth.

Our relationship has even changed… for the better. We’ve always loved each other, but the Lord is revealing a new level of love and commitment between us. It is such a blessing to truly see what God is doing in our lives.

The Holy Spirit is actively working at Fairview as evidenced by the people… changed lives. The number of folks in church on Sunday fades in importance to changed lives. God is working so personally, so lovingly, so patiently with us. One changed life at a time

– how truly grateful I am! God is Changing Us