Fairview Helps

Believers have been called to be the hands and feet of Christ. This comes in many forms, but one form is financial assistance. God has blessed our church family financially so we can be a blessing to those in need whether they attend Fairview or not. 
Before Fairview financially comes alongside we ask two things:
1. Whether they attend Fairview or not, they need to fill out an application. Completion of the application does not guarantee assistance, but is counted as one hour worked if assistance is given. 
2. Those requesting assistance are asked to work before assistance is given. 
Fairview pays $7.00 an hour for every hour worked. Those requesting assistance can earn up to $150 towards their expense.
Individuals seeking assistance will need to complete and submit an application either online from our website or come to the church and fill out the application. 
To complete and submit an application, please click here.
Applications will be reviewed M, W, TH, and F between 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. Applications received after 4:00 pm or on Tuesday will be reviewed the following morning. Applications received after 4:00 pm on Friday will be reviewed Monday morning. All individuals will receive notification of assistance whether confirming or declining the request. 
Feel free to call the church (260-665-8402) with any questions regarding assistance. When you call, please ask for either Mark Compton or Jake Shipe.