Dangerous Prayers

I wanted to tell you how the Lord has been working to answer one of my dangerous prayers.

On the day you introduced us to this concept, I began praying about my job and I bought the book you mentioned, If you Want to Walk on Water You have to Get Out of the Boat. I prayed that if I were already doing what the Lord wanted me to do that He would make our current business endeavor successful, and if not, then to allow things to happen in such a way that I could find my niche. I also began reading the book.

Within two days of prayer, I was called to a meeting where my bosses told me they had decided to give our current business venture 6 weeks to work, if we didn’t meet our goals in 6 weeks, we were done. This was totally unexpected. To make a long story short, after six agonizing weeks, my boss informed me that today is my last day of work. So I’m off on a new adventure, out here walking on the water; I’m out of the boat with absolutely no clue of what will happen next. I have a sense of peace and calm that I pray will stay with me during my job search. Out of the Boat