40 Days of Purpose 2007

The Lord has definitely changed me over the last year and I know I will never be the same. Most of the time I have eager anticipation (almost excitement) about what the future holds for me and the kids as the Lord leads us. There is never a dull moment! I have had so many unusual encounters with people and each time I wonder… why is this happening? Or, here I am again, in another awkward situation. Then the Lord reminds me “Tell them – tell them what I have done for you”. The one story I wanted to share begins very unusually… the verse about God working all things together for good to those who are called according to His purpose is the one that fits this story best. The story begins with my insurance company turning down payment for my physical therapy that I have been receiving since the summer. My physical therapist wrote a letter for me to try to change their minds. He gave me the number of an orthopedic doctor to call so I could get another letter. Apparently this new doctor was the one I was supposed to meet. On the day of the appointment, the Lord showed up in a way that was completely unexpected. When the doctor came in he evaluated my physical condition and agreed to write the letter for me. I had no idea who this doctor was until my appointment and he had only known me for approximately 5 minutes. Suddenly he started telling me there was something I needed to do for him! He has a 10 year old daughter with a disability who swims at Spiece Athletic Building in Fort Wayne with a group of other disabled children. He wanted me to promise to talk to them – about not giving up, having a normal life, etc. (I wanted to tell him my life is anything but normal!) I agreed to do this as long as I could tell them what the Lord has done for me and that He has an amazing plan for their lives. What an opportunity! When I got back to the car I just sat in awe of God and thanked Him for flooding me with peace in a seemingly very difficult time, and especially hope, hope that is like overwhelming joy in the midst of suffering. Similar situations and opportunities have come up at IPFW since I went back to school. I meet people and the Lord says “tell them”. What an amazing God! My insurance company still hasn’t paid but how can I doubt that He will provide!

The series of Forty Days of Purpose has meant a lot to me. The closeness I have felt with other brothers and sisters in Christ has meant so much to me, the closeness of one another and God has been so amazing and exciting . My husband and I go to The Homebuilders Small Church and the closeness of the class to our God has grown and also the fellowship with one another has been wonderful. The teacher does a wonderful job in leading the class. I don’t always find it easy to share with others, or feel like I can really say what’s on my heart and this series of the Forty Days of Purpose has done a lot for my spiritual growth. It is great to know I can have the closeness and the fellowship with our small group on Sunday morning. What a great way to start our week off. The verse that meant the most to me and the verse I want to live my life up to is Colossians 4:5 “Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the best of every opportunity.” God has led this verse on my heart to use every day, especially in my work place. Thank you to my small group on Sunday morning, to the pastors for the way God has blessed you with the words of his truth and ESPECIALLY to our Wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the way he is working at Fairview.

As I look back on this last 40 days I see that God has worked in my life in a blessed way. Before we started this 40 Days of Purpose I was so focused on my life and what was happening to me that I really was of no worth to or for God. This has helped me to change my attitude a great deal. I was ready to just give up a career of 33 years of doing something I truly enjoy and in a sense just run away from a struggle I didn’t want to go through. As we studied the memory versus the one that helped the most and is in my heart is Philippians 2:5 “Our attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus”. I believe that verse made me change my focus. I have died out to my selfish desires and I am praying that God would show me what He wants me to learn from what I am going through and not just wondering why I am going through this situation. I want to use whatever is there for God and His glory.